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AA Route Planner - Free Route Finder App

AA Route Planner Europe Route Finder
Find your perfect route using the free planner below...

Whether you are planning to drive in The UK, France, Germany, Spain or Europe, you can select your route app by entering the postcode or nearest town to your departure and destination points. If you would like to break-up your journey, add in your preferred stop-off points.

AA route planner routes can be selected using the recommended, shortest and quickest routes and other options may include avoiding toll roads or choosing fastest routes such as motorway driving.

RAC Route Planner Finder
AA Route Planner - UK AA Route Planner - IRELAND AA Route Planner - EUROPE

Using our AA Route Planner UK you can find the best way to any location. We also have the new route finder for Spain that's the easiest way to find the quickest way to all locations. AA Route Finder for France will save time, offer the fastest travel time on the road. Safety First! On lengthy road journeys, always stop for breaks and refreshments only at designated signed locations along the way... and please, do not have any family picnics on the side of the motorway!!! If you are feeling tired, find the nearest suitable designated rest point or sleeping accommodation and don't drive again until you feel fully refreshed! (Always seek medical advice before driving a vehicle if you are taking subscribed medication).


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