Are Extra Seats In The Back Of Vans Legal Or Illegal? ANSWER…

This is a question that many customers often ask us here at

Our first answer is always, “If they were not, we wouldn’t be selling them”. Having sold additional seating for vans for over 10 years now, we are always happy to answer any questions that our customers might have about creating extra seating in the back of their vans or about van accessories that best suit their vans. Regarding the legal side of the rear van seats, all of our seats are crashed tested to the highest specification, M1 testing. This ensures that any passenger travelling in one of our seats is in a seat that has been designed, and of course tested, to make sure they’re as safe as they can be!

Another question we are often asked is “What about van insurance, if I put extra seats in the back of my van will I have to contact my insurance company”. The answer to this is a big YES. As you are increasing the seating capacity of your van, you will have to advise your insurance company that, in effect, you will be carrying more people in your van. This will, 9 times out of 10, increase the annual premium for your van insurance.

You will also need to change the van’s ‘log-book’ if you are adding additional seating in your van which is fixed in the upright position. This is very simple though, there is in fact a section on the log-book to adjust/modify the seating capacity for the vehicle.

If you are intending fitting the seats yourself, we would always suggest that you run the van down to a local MOT testing centre after the installation (regardless of the van needing a new MOT or not!) in order for them to re-test the van. A good tip would also be to ask the MOT inspector to add a note to the MOT to say that they have checked the new seat installation and that it has been fitted correctly and is safe.

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