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Transportable vehicle cash safes with a Coin Chute are ideal when bagged cash needs to be carried. They offer the convenience of easy deposit without the bulk or complexity of a roller top. The Coin Bag Chute makes for difficult fishing of contents, as once through the Chute the coin bags drop into the safe department below...

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Coin Chute Safes


More Info... Please Note: 'Complete Unit' safes are supplied with base plates.


Commercial & Industrial models auto-lock upon presentation to the base plate.
Suitable for car, van, truck, taxi, caravan and bus applications.
Models that are offered as a '2 lock' option give enhanced security where the 1st lock is used to remove the safe & contents from the vehicle, then the 2nd removes the contents from the safe.
All locks are supplied with 2 keys.
Keyed alike and master key systems are available upon request.
Base plates are anchored to the vehicle floor using a fixing kit (supplied).
All dimensions are in mm (L & W dimensions = base plate 'footprint' - the actual safe is approx 5% smaller).
Product Code Description... L W H Kg Per Unit Order
WCS2CC Commercial Coin Bag Chute (90 x 45 opening) 1 Lock complete unit 325 180 260 7 £303.20
WCS2CC2L Commercial Coin Bag Chute (90 x 45 opening) 2 Lock complete unit 325 180 260 7 £336.00
WCS2CCLP Commercial Short Coin Bag Chute (90 x 45 opening) 1 Lock complete unit 325 180 210 6.5 £303.20
WCS2F/A Additional Commercial Base (Base plate & anchor fitting only) 325 180 30 2 £27.60
WIS3CC Industrial Coin Bag Chute (100 x 50 opening) 1 Lock complete unit 425 235 370 13 £322.20
WIS3CC2L Industrial Coin Bag Chute (100 x 50 opening) 2 Lock complete unit 425 235 370 13 £355.00
WIS3B/A Additional Industrial Base (Base plate & anchor fitting only) 425 235 30 3 £32.20

Fitting Instructions

Vehicle Mounting...
1. Place the assembled safe unit into the required position (for example in the passenger foot-well for single driver vehicles or any floor area of the vehicle where the surface is flat). Check that it will not foul door, boot lids, openings etc, and that the under floor area is clear below to accept the Anchor Plate.
2. Remove the safe from its base and mark vehicle floor through fixing holes in Base.
3. Drill 1 x 12.0mm Diameter hole in each marked position.
4. Drop 10mm screws (provided) through each hole, and with Anchor Plate held in position from below, tighten screws.
5. Fit 2 x M10 lock nuts (provided) to bottom of protruding screws, tighten to captive nuts in Anchor Plate.
6. Grind or saw excess thread from bottom of protruding screws and coat with protective paint.
Concrete or Wooden Floors...
1. All of our safes are also suitable for mounting onto solid floors using M10 x 40 Rawl-bolts.
2. See steps 1, 2 & 3 above.
3. Care should be taken when tightening, do not over tighten.

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