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The VanGadgets range of Fiat Fiorino 'Static' Van Racking Systems (that remain 'fixed' in the vehicle) and 'Extending' Van Racking Systems (that 'extend-out' approximately half the length of the rack) are available for all types of vans. Supplied with fully adjustable telescopic legs and universal fixing brackets (top & bottom fixings) to suit your vehicle. Important Note: These units are designed to fit either the 'Near-Side' (behind the passenger's side) or the 'Off-Side' (which is behind the driver's side of the vehicle).

van racking


(extending / sliding van racking installation shown above)

There are two standard van storage sets to choose from (which are priced individually). Select any TWO of the 'Storage Set' options available for the 1200mm x 600mm racking panel, (as a storage set measures 600mm wide, which will provide the overall 1200mm width - rack capacity).


How To Order Using Our Shopping Cart System...

1. (Optional): Purchase the 'Rear Storage Shelving'  if additional storage space is required.

2. Choose which side of the vehicle you want to install the rack system into, the near-side or off-side.

3. Select either an 'Extending Rack' (slide-out) or the 'Static Rack' (fixed) system for your Fiorino.
4. Choose any two of the 'Storage Set' options available for your 1200mm x 600mm racking panel.
5. Total = 'Van Racking System' + 2 x 'Storage Sets' (+ optional 'Rear Shelves' if also required).

Vehicle  Make Vehicle Model Extending Rack System Price + Vat Static Rack System Price + Vat Rack Width + Height (mm)
Fiat Fiorino *£242.40 *£185.37 1200 x 600
Choose TWO Storage 'Sets' Per Rack


Please note: The prices shown above for the 'Extending' and 'Static' van racking systems do not include the cost of the optional storage sets. Please select THREE of the storage sets you require as pictured below and add the cost of these to either the cost of the 'Extending' or the 'Static' van rack system.


Pricing Examples...

Example: System Without Rear Storage Shelving...

1200 x 600  'Static Rack System' = £185.37 + Vat

1 x Storage Set 'A' = £52.31 + Vat

1 x Storage Set 'B' = £33.62 + Vat

(FREE Mainland UK Delivery)

(Near-Side System)

Total = £271.30 + Vat

Example: System Including Rear Storage Shelving...

1200 x 600 'Extending Rack System' = £242.40 + Vat

1 x Storage Set 'B'= £33.62 + Vat

1 x Storage Set 'B'= £33.62 + Vat

1 x 'Rear Storage Shelving System' = £144.70 + Vat

(FREE Mainland UK Delivery)

(Off-Side System)

Total = £454.34 + Vat

Van Rack Storage Set Options...

Sets A & B displayed on a 1200x600 rack above


'A' Storage Set Contains:

4 x IB-90 Bins - Yellow.

1 x IB-B6 Basket.
2 x IB-245 Bins- Red.
1 x SP6 Spigot.
18 x Rubber Plugs.

£52.31 + Vat

'B' Storage Set Contains:

10 x IB-90 Bins - Yellow.

4 x IB-130 Bins - Green.
2 x IB-245 Bins- Red.
30 x Rubber Plugs.
18 x Rubber Plugs.

£33.62 + Vat

All the van racking equipment displayed on our website come complete with fixings and easy-to-follow DIY installation instructions.

View Installation Images, Fittings etc... View
Plastic Storage Bin Size Chart

Storage Bin Dimensions

Storage Bin Sizes

Optional Rear Storage Shelving...

'Rear Van Shelving' is an optional extra and is best suited to our 'Extending Van Racking Systems'. However, rear storage shelving can still be used in conjunction with our 'Static Rack System'. For example, you could store additional lengths of wood etc. up to the length of the 1200mm shelves. Note: The maximum load for each shelf is 20 Kilograms.
As you can see from the following picture, the three 'Rear Storage Van Shelves' are an ideal solution for increasing valuable storage space behind our 'Extending' and 'Static' van rack systems. These shelving systems utilise the space above the wheel-arch area as well as the curved body-shape of most light commercial vehicles on UK roads today...

Fiat Van Shelving Rear Storage


Rear Shelving Kit Contains:

1 x 1200L x 110W x 40H Shelf.

2 x 1200L x 165W x 40H Shelves.

£144.70 + Vat


choose your van racking system


Select either 'Near-Side' or 'Off-Side' for your 'Extending Rack' or 'Static Rack' system...


(You can select 'Storage Sets' & optional 'Rear Shelving' once you've clicked the 'GO' button)

Product Code


Price Ex VAT

NSE-126 (N/Side) Extending Rack £242.40
1200mm x 600mm
NSS-126 (N/Side) Static Rack £185.37
1200mm x 600mm

Product Code


Price Ex VAT

OSE-126 (O/Side) Extending Rack £242.40
1200mm x 600mm
OSS-126 (O/Side) Static Rack £185.37
1200mm x 600mm

near side and off side

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