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HandyMan Motor Series 24 Volt Portable Sink Unit


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The HandyMan Motor Series 24 Volt sink unit is best suited to commercial vehicles and can easily be installed in your vehicle with the minimum of fuss. It has excellent features including finger tip operated tap giving a hot wash under running water and fully automatic operation with an ideal water temperature.



Main Picture Displaying 24 Volt Portable Sink Unit


24 Volt Portable Sink Units


Do you need a specialist to install the 24 Volt HandyMan?


No, you can fit it inside or outside a vehicle on any convenient surface. We supply a complete fitting kit and clear instructions. All you need to find is enough 4mm (35amp) cable to connect to the positive and negative battery terminals through the fuse holder.


But Will It Drain The Battery?


No, the HandyMan Motor Series 24 Volt is battery safe! It senses the voltage a the vehicle battery and only starts heating when the engine is running and there's enough power to spare at the alternator.

24V Sink Unit In Use

What If The Water Tank Is Empty?


In the unlikely event of a completely empty water tank, HandyMan has a unique ‘no water’ safety feature that cuts the heater and flashes a red warning light. Simply fill up again and reset and you’re back in business.


Technical Specification


Weight Empty 3.0Kg, Weight Full 5.3Kg
Capacity 2.5 litres. (2.0 litres usable)
24 Volt, 240 watt/ 10amps




Width 300mm
Height 325mm
Depth closed 175mm
Depth open 325mm



Frequently Asked Questions


What's so special about hot water hand washing-with the HandyMan?
Only hot running water at the right temperature will get hands really clean. Wet wipes or a cold hand rinse just don't work well enough.

What is the right temperature?
45C - give or take a degree or two - and that's what the HandyMan provides you with.

Just hot water will do the trick then?
It helps, but HandyMan combines hot water with fingertip tap operation: no dirt traps. It has a unique jet spray that reaches every part of the hands, and washing under running water means there's no need to dip hands into dirty suds.

Can I be forced to fit hot water hand washing?
No, but EU 'Duty of Care' legislation makes employers liable for the health and welfare of their staff. It's a catch-all regulation, so why risk a claim for injury from dirty hands? What is more, our customers say their staff feel better, work better with clean hands AND their customers get a good impression of the company.

Why Choose The HandyMan portable sink?
Because commercial vehicle operators etc. required a unit that really works but takes up minimum of space. It is 25% smaller than any other model.

Small may be beautiful but is it practical?
How about a minimum of ten proper hand washes per filling? Enough for hard day's work? With the water up to temperature in about 45 minutes.

What about the waste?
The unique Waste-Safe holds every drop of dirty water securely until emptied at the end of the day.

Will HandyMan stand up to rough usage?
Using the latest moulding techniques for high impact polyethylene, the 24V HandyMan Motor Series unit is the lightest you can buy and tougher than metal. Inside or outside the vehicle, it will shrug off the knocks and bumps of a hard life on the road.



(Wall mounting brackets now also available at checkout!)
Product Code Quantity Price Ex VAT Order
VGTWHM24V-1 1 x Unit £245.00
VGTWHM24V-2 2 x Units £485.00
VGTWHM24V-3 3 x Units £720.00
Optional Extras...
Product Code Description Price Ex VAT Order
VGTW-PT 1 x Paper Towel Holder £19.99


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