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Features and Benefits

The new Hygienius is an innovative solution to the problem of infections being transmitted by unclean hands.

With the unique 'Blue-Sensor-System', the Hygienius takes an entirely new and innovative approach to the problem of hot water washing of hands in the Food, Health & Safety, Medical and Healthcare industries.

Designed to ENCOURAGE hand washing, it can be strategically sited for the most effective use as it is a completely portable and self contained hand-washing station.

With no taps, no levers or buttons, the hot wash is initiated by the 'Sensor' when hands are placed in the bowl. This results in a low pressure spray wash that is both delightful to use and fully hygienic.

In addition, the elegant style with its illuminated spray head and sign make the Hygienius uniquely eye catching. (The Hygienius is fully automatic and only needs a 13 amp power point for operation).

Infection control hot water hand wash sink basin


Washing Procedure


Hands free hand wash sink basin

Once the 'Portable Filling Unit' has been filled with 10 litres of cold water and the Hygienius is plugged in and switched on, there is a 10 second thorough purge of cold water to flush out the system. This completed, it is ready for use when the Blue-Sensor indicator illuminates.

Placing the hands in the bowl will then trigger wash cycle and the Blue-Sensor will then flash, indicating that the water is being heated.

After 3-5 seconds, when the water has reached the correct temperature of 40/45’C, the low pressure spray wash will commence.

With the 10 second hot wash completed, the hands must be lifted from the bowl to allow the system to reset. The Blue-Sensor will relight and the wash cycle can be repeated for additional washing or rinsing as required.

Portable Filling Unit


Portable Sink Unit Filling Station


The 'Portable Filling Unit' is located in the base of the Hygienius and is a self contained carrying vessel for both the fresh and waste water each separately and hygienically secured.

It contains 2 - 10 litre capacity heavy duty plastic bags with separate lids. The WHITE sealed lid is complete with fresh water dip tube and connector whilst the RED open one sits beneath the waste water outlet from the bowl inside the Hygienius.

Once the 10 litres of fresh water has been used up then the waste bag will be full. The waste water can then be emptied into a suitable foul water drain and the bag for fresh water can be replenished.

Each ten second wash uses approximately 200 ml of water so that the Portable Filling Unit Twin Bag provides approximately 50 ten second hot washes.


Cleaning and Disinfection



This is where Hygienius really scores. Cleaning is simple and straight forward and after submission to The Hospital Infection Research Laboratory at Birmingham City Hospital a quick and highly efficient disinfection routine was approved.

After emptying the Portable Filling Unit of both fresh and dirty water, a solution of 500ppm of chlorate solutions is placed into the fresh water bag.

Hygienius has a unique purge system that is operated by a small red button situated behind the illuminated panel and beneath the power box by the on/off rocker switch.

After reconnecting the Portable Filling Unit, run the purge for 5 minutes then empty the Portable Filling Unit completely and rise out with fresh cold water. Use the purge button again and flush out the whole system with fresh water to remove any remaining disinfectant solution.

To maintain a negligible level of contamination, the Hospital Infection Research Laboratory state that it is sufficient for this procedure to be implemented every other day.


Technical Specification


Overall height - 990mm
Height to bowl - 900mm
Width - 330mm
Dry weight - 7.6Kg

Fully automatic – no taps - nothing to adjust.
Instantaneous heating – water delivered at 40/45’C approx.
Each filling of the fresh water bag in the Portable Filling Unit gives approximately 50 - ten second hot washes.

Moulded in tough high impact Polyethylene
Acrylic capped ABS bowl and spray head
Unique illuminated display ‘Hot Water Hand Wash’
2M power lead with 13 amp moulded plug
Portable Filling Unit Twin Bag has 2 x 10 litre heavy duty polyethylene LLDPE water bags.
On/Off switch and purge button on the power box beneath the display sign

Stainless steel paper towel dispenser
Plastic liquid soap dispenser with SS bracket

3 Kw model 13 Amp @ 230VAC.

Please note: a 2 Kw model is available on request.


Frequently Asked Questions


Are there any taps to keep clean?
No - the Hygienius is completely automatic. Just place your hands in the bowl to get a most delightful 10 second hot wash and as it is fully automatic there is nothing to adjust - just the same luxurious wash time after time.

How do I plumb it in?
Hygienius is a portable sink that needs NO plumbing! Every Hygienius has a Portable Filling Unit that separately contains the clean water and hygienically retains the waste water.

How many hand washes will the Hygienius provide before refilling is necessary?
Each ten second wash uses approximately 200 ml of water so that the Portable Filling Unit provides approximately 50 ten second hot washes.

What is the 'Blue-Sensor'?
The unique 'Blue-Sensor' on the Hygienius has been developed to allow complete 'HANDS FREE' operation. Placing your hands in the bowl triggers the Blue-Sensor to flash indicating that water is being heated. Once up to temperature the flashing will cease and the spray head will deliver the 10 second wash.


In a busy location? How do I cope with frequently changing the dirty water?
The (optional) Filling Unit Truck comes complete with 2 Portable Filling Units. So it is easy. Just fill the 2 Portable Filling Units with fresh water and wheel the unit alongside your Hygienius and change over when you wish. (Please contact us to purchase these separately).

Filling Unit Truck

Technical specification (for Filling Unit Truck)

Load capacity 80 KG
Height when folded 700mm
Height when opened 1020mm
Aluminium and black painted steel construction
Dry weight 3.9 Kg
Dry weight with 2 x EMPTY Filling Units 6.8 Kg
Weight with 2 x FULL Filling Units 26.7 Kg


Hygienius Pricing...

Quantity Price Ex VAT Order
1-3 Units £749.00 each  
4-10 Units £739.00 each  
11-15 Units £729.00 each  
16-50 Units £719.00 each  


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