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Tri-Clamp Wheel Clamp


Tri-Clamp Wheel Clamp.

Approved by the home office and used by local councils and on-street contractors. One piece design allows for quick and effective clamping. Hardened chain adjusts to fit vehicles from Mini up to Transit Van or 4x4. Bright yellow reinforced triangle cover plate. Supplied with 60mm hardened steel chain.

  • Weight: 14.1 kg
  • 3mm Thick Steel Triangle
  • Cover Plate (mm): 560H x 590W
  • Chain: 10mm hardened square link
  • Reinforced with 20mm steel tubing
Price: £103.75+VAT
+ Buy on-line & save another £10 !!!

Solid Steel Padlock

Solid Steel Padlock - Top Security.

Ideal for wheel clamping and other chain devices. Also suitable for roller shutters.

Price: £21.00+VAT (Call to order)


Solid Steel Lock Large

Solid Steel Lock (Large Type).

Also used by on street clamping companies.

Price: £23.00+VAT (Call to order)


High Security Open Shackle Lock

High Security Open Shackle Lock.

Used by most local authorities. Can be locked without key and a second member of staff can open lock when required.

Price: £22.00+VAT (Call to order)


Police Wheel Clamps

Police Wheel Clamp.

Used by local authorities & bailiffs. Also good for trailers etc.

5 pin disc lock (high security).

Price: £149.00+VAT (Call to order)


Police Wheel Clamp

VGP11 Police Wheel Clamp.

Used by on street contractors. Home Office approved.

Price: £225.00+VAT (Call to order)


HGV Lorry Wheel clamp

HGV Lorry Clamp.

Also fits most 4x4's and big jeeps.

Price: £170.00+VAT (Call to order)


Automatic Parking Control Post

Automatic Parking Control Post.

Electronic Parking Post. Opens and closes with remote control key fob (2 supplied). Equipped with large capacity battery to supply power battery life approx. If used 4 times a day is 3 months.

Price: £149.00+VAT (Call to order)


Parking Posts

Parking Post.

Fold down parking post with built in top locking tubular key cylinder - Height 63cm


Price: £59.99+VAT (Call to order)



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